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Our Story

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       A new venture drawing on centuries of tradition       

Tea has been a valuable commodity since the second century BC, consumed by the Chinese emperors of the Han Dynasty and venerated for its medicinal properties.


Nearly two millenia later, it was traded for the first time in Western Europe by the Dutch East India Company, since the 17th Century has been an integral part of our national culture, and remains the focus of a daily ritual for tens of millions of us.

The part tea plays in our lives has found new meaning for many in recent months.  In recent times we have found ourselves 'locked down' but as a result have perhaps been more readily able to identify and invest in the small things immediately around us that enrich our day, and provide us with a sense of wellbeing.


Investment in these small utopias has the potential to return exponential dividends - providing a much needed oasis of calm in the midst of a hectic day.  A welcome pause.  An opportunity to enjoy something indulgent and luxurious, but which takes only moments to prepare and costs just pennies to make. 

Whilst our products and their origins have a rich provenance dating back centuries, our company is somewhat more contemporary, having been founded during the first lockdown in 2020.

We very much hope that our selection of premium teas, organically grown and ethically sourced from around the world, can be a highlight of your day, every day. 

"Watching the leaves magically unfurl and thinking about what I’m drinking is strangely soothing in these troubled times."
Fiona Beckett, The Guardian

If we can contribute to the enjoyment you derive from making the best possible cup of tea and provide you with beautiful accessories which enhance the process of making it, then we'll be delighted that we embarked on this venture during these uncertain times.

We look forward to learning more about what you love and would like to see more of - and serving you in the days and months ahead, to ensure that we deliver this to you.

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